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Communist Britons by AnalyticalEngine Communist Britons by AnalyticalEngine
The PoD for this one is somewhere in the 5th century. The Britons managed to get their act together, defeat the Anglo-Saxons and unite the whole island under a single country. Meanwhile, the Franks never really rose to power; instead, the Burgundians took control of most of southern and central Gaul, while a remnant of Syagrius’ kingdom held on until it united with Prydain during the 9th century through personal union.


Fast forwards some fourteen hundred years or so, and the world has moved on considerably.

The year, in our reckoning, is 1933 (technology is closer to 1970-ish), and much of the world is divided into two main camps – the Demokrats (TTL’s term for socialist movements) and the Organisation of Free States.

The Demokrats are a rather varied bunch. The “Celtic” Demokrats are mostly Syndicalist in terms of industry, with public transport, communication networks etc. nationalised, and state capitalist in other sectors. Naturally, they are centred on the Unol Gweriniaethau y Gweithwyr (United Workers’ Republics), which is the former Prydeinic Empire following the War of Three Oceans[1] in OTL’s 1877, and the subsequent *Great Strike. Many of the former colonies (and integral areas), such as Ireland, Bornew and Kmer embraced the Demokratic Movement, but decided to remain outside the UGG, while several other countries (such as the Bod Freestate and Chimu) have since allied themselves with it.

The “Nordic” Demokrats are more like OTL’s Social Revolutionaries, but with a more ethnocentric bent. These are the Nordic Union and its former colonies, in Hesperia[2], Africa and the Megas Ocean[3].

Unfortunately, relations between the two blocs have become strained of late…

The OFS is a rather looser organisation than they would have you believe, especially since the feared “Global Workers’ Uprising” has most annoyingly failed to materialised. Burgundy and its allies are the only really committed anti-Demokratic group; Persia is mostly in it for all the oil money Burgundy constantly heaps on it, and is an OFS member despite having heavy Demokratic leanings itself (which it denies in the presence of Burgundian diplomats). The rest is mostly due to fear of their Demokratic neighbours rather than the Demokratic block specifically. (Jia China is a major trading partner of the UGG, for instance, despite the latter’s mostly bloc solidarity support of the Bod DF and the Demokratic State of Nihon.)

However, that doesn’t mean that the OFS doesn’t have teeth. Burgundy and its allies – Italy, Saxony, Moravia, Geatland[4], and Monarchist Hispania – and protectorates are more than capable of going toe-to-toe with the UGG if it really had to, with Persia as a useful counterweight to the Nordics.

The Byzantines have hung on and maintained a great power status. One would usually expect them and their allies to be enthusiastic members of the OFS if (a) Burgundy wasn’t so arsehole-ish about it all the time, (b) Persia, and (c) it is actually mostly Orthodox Social Democratic, and actually reasonably friendly towards the Demokratic powers.

The two powers constantly try to get the neutral powers, especially Fang China, on their side, but they, much like the rest of the world’s countries, are more interested in staying out of the not-war currently being waged between the League of Llundain and the OFS.

But Fang China is not going to be pushed around – recently, it has joined the (fairly short) list of countries with atom weapons, having detonated a Cronium[5] Bomb in the Gobi Desert…


[1] TTL’s equivalent to WWI.
[2] South America.
[3] Pacific Ocean.
[4] It broke away from the Nordic Union during the Demokratic Revolution, and has been hiding behind Burgundy’s metaphorical skirts ever since.
[5] Plutonium.
spineless-laugh Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2011
Nordic colonization of the Americas! Aw yeah, baby.
Chanimur Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice ideas in this! I like it.
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