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Dieselpunk Cold War by AnalyticalEngine Dieselpunk Cold War by AnalyticalEngine
Nineteen forty-seven, and the world is caught in the grip of a conflict for influence.

The two Hegemonic Powers – Britain and Germany – may have cooperated in the Great War, against the Franco-Russian alliance, but despite the enthusiasm of the peace, their interests diverged, and their formerly warm relations turned cold. Now, they use the latest in scientific developments to further their power. Each races for the next advancement, lest the other get there first. While men of politics and war may make policies, it is the men of science that keep the modern world turning.

But, lest we forget, the world isn’t merely divided between the Anglo-Japanese alliance and the Berlin-Vienna Axis. The various Fascist powers may lean more towards London than Berlin, but they still maintain independent policies. And, of course, there are innumerable countries not aligned to either Hegemon…


Though the biggest (and most obvious) difference is the alternate WWI, the actual PoD was Tesla moving first to Britain, working with Joseph Swan, and later to Germany, though he did collaborate with Marconi a bit. His various inventions helped to create the basis for much of the modern world.

Other changes include McKinley granting the Philippines its independence, rather than turning it into (a) a colony and (b) a quagmire. Which has endeared him to Mark Twain, but that’s another matter…

*WWI was rather different. Britain sided with Germany ITTL, due to various butterflies, nabbing a few French colonies in the Pacific and Indian Oceans amongst others, and securing its influence over Afghanistan and Persia. Germany got some more colonies, Luxembourg and a bit more of Lorraine, and a sphere of influence over much of Eastern Europe. Austria-Hungary, under Emperor Francis II[1] and later under Franz Joseph II[2], has now become the United States of Greater Austria, with each major ethnic group represented with their own state within the union. The USGA has Albania, Montenegro and shrunken Serbia as protectorates, and is allied with the Ukraine, which has a minor Habsburg cousin[3] as its King.

Finland was quite happy to be independent from Russia, but not quite grateful enough to go all the way and join the German bloc…

The Ottomans stayed out of the War, instead concentrating on sorting out its own problems. However, it leans more towards Berlin than London.

Britain has created an Imperial Federation with its Dominions, each of which is equally represented in the various Federation Councils[4]; Britain represents the remaining colonies by proxy. South Africa has absorbed Bechuanaland, Swaziland, Basutoland and South Rhodesia; Newfoundland is still separate, and includes St. Pierre and Miquelon; Australia also includes Papua and New Caledonia; Ireland became a dominion peacefully; East Africa was settled by large number of Jews following the Balfour Plan; and India was divided into six dominions, though they also operate cooperation meetings between themselves and the Princely States.

There are also four Autonomous colonies, which have their own representation in the councils, though only observer status in the Military one. Nigeria, Malaya, Ceylon and Burma are slated for full Dominion status sometime in the next ten years.

Italy, Spain and Portugal have all turned *Fascist. However, ITTL, due to butterflies, Mussolini developed something that was three parts Fascist and two parts Socialist. Brazil and its allies are also *Fascist, though a little closer to OTL’s version.

Argentina is also, *technically* *Fascist, though it doesn’t admit it…

France is…interesting. After losing the *Great War, and quite a few colonies, it fell to a Socialist revolution. Algeria was annexed directly, and the enlarged French West Africa is slated for full incorporation when they finally stop taking bribes from German and British agents. Though rather authoritarian and angry at everyone, on the plus side it is fairly tolerant- Arabs and Jews have full voting rights and citizen status; Blacks have to demonstrate a “willingness to integrate” – i.e. become dark-skinned Frenchmen and -women.

Russia has gone to the other extreme – a so-called “Mechanistic” autocracy – with everything under the central control of the state. They have stepped up Russification of minorities ever since losing the war, which hasn’t gone down too well with said minorities, who often get ‘packages’ that were ‘mislaid’…

Japan is rather pleased with itself. After gaining northern Karafuto and the Kurile Islands from Russia, and a protectorate over formerly French Indochina[5], it conquered Manchuria during the *Chinese Civil War.

China is a basket case. Despite the *KMT winning (if you could call it winning) the *Civil War, it only holds on to power with assistance from *everyone*. China is the only case of cooperation between Germany and Britain in maintaining order – if President Chiang falls, all of China falls with him. That may be an interesting game for the Hegemons, but they are more concerned about making as much profit as possible competing for Chinese development contracts between each other and the Americans.

Speaking of which, the US has remained in isolationist mode ITTL. America’s business is business. Its unofficial motto is “trade with all, side with none”, even though there are both pro-British and pro-German factions in high places. Even though it is a de facto third Hegemonic Power, it insists that “it isn’t when we do it”…


Britain, Germany, Austria and America are all what are now called “Scientific Democracies”. These states are more or less liberal democracies, with appropriate social welfare systems. They believe in using their scientific prowess to improve the lot of their citizens.

Japan is a “Mechanistic Democracy”. Although democratic, it is still firmly in the control of the elites. Japan is more autocratic that the other democratic great powers, particularly in its colonies and its vassals, using its technology to suppress any significant dissent. However, it is much better than the Fascists and so on.

The members of the Latin League are all “Scientific Autocracies”. They use a combination of socialism and nationalism to maintain control over their citizens, though their leadership do believe in using their technology to improve things – happy citizens are safe citizens, and vice versa. Brazil and its allies are more autocratic; it may not be that bad if you keep your head down, but you do not want to be on the receiving end of the special police’s mechanical units.

Both Argentina and China are technically Mechanistic Democracies, though it has slightly more in common with the Scientific Autocracies.

France is a “Scientific Socialist” state. Broadly, this is similar to other Scientific Autocracies, but more heavily left-leaning.

Russia, however, is firmly in the “Mechanistic Autocracy” camp. The government and military ruthlessly uses advanced technology to crush any hint of dissent – which seems to be everywhere. Ever since the death of Tsar Nicholas II in the early 30s, Tsar Alexei has been turned into a figurehead – the Duma is nominally in control, but only at the sufferance of the council of Generals, who wield the actual power…


The *Great War was won due to the superior science of the Anglo-German alliance. Though the French and Russians both fought bravely, they were no match for the modern war machine of Britain, Germany and Austria. With mechanical men, Teslanic lighting weapons and the latest flying machines on their side, it spelt disaster for the Franco-Russian alliance.

Now the Hegemons both operate vast aerial flotillas- aircarriers, stormcruisers (equipped with lightning guns), armoured dirigibles and various types of flying gunships. Their armies have robota – first invented in Austria – powered by ion-field generators and controlled with Marconi circuits[6]; cataphracts[7] with magnetically-driven rounds; energy weapons such as thermal rays and magnetic grappling beams; and literal stormtroopers in their mechanistic suits. [8]

Meanwhile, scientists have developed enhanced versions of existing animals and plants, as well recreating extinct ones and even totally new varieties. With the modern advancements in biology, it is believed that no one need ever starve again, or die from preventable diseases. Though the French may not be on a par with Britain, Germany and America in the mechanical sciences, they are at the forefront of the augementationist[9] movement – they have recently created a form of fuel that could replace diesel, without generating all that smog or any other pollutants, though further research is required.

But now, scientists are working on harnessing the LIMITLESS POWER OF THE ATOM! Who knows where the energies found at the smallest scales of matter will bring, especially when combined with the evolving science of rocketry…


[1] Franz-Ferdinand wasn’t assassinated ITTL. *WWI had a different cause…
[2] Otto von Habsburg (may he rest in peace).
[3] From the Tuscan branch.
[4] There is no Federal Parliament…yet. Things are moving rather slowly in that department.
[5] Parts of which were given to Siam.
[6] Dieselpunk computers, more advanced than OTL valves and so on, with radio receivers to receive instructions and coordinate units with new information.
[7] Tanks.
[8] Think Tesla Troopers from RA3.
[9] Mostly what we would call genetic engineering, though it covers a wider spectrum than that.
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RelativeEquinox Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
AnalyticalEngine Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2012
No. This was made for a map-making contest, in which one had to do a map of a something-punk world. I chose dieselpunk.
RelativeEquinox Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
No, I didn't know what RA3 was.
AnalyticalEngine Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2012
*Bangs head against desk for being stupid*

Sorry old chap. I meant Red Alert 3...
RelativeEquinox Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Ahhhhh, OK.
Fenn-O-maniC Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very interesting map! Good work!
Rarayn Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2011
Man, all these [X]-Punk maps make me want to participate in the contest myself, though I don't know if I'll be able to get anything ready by the deadline.

Very interesting map, in any case. Always fun to see Tesla's stuff used this way, and Great War alternates are always nice, at least when they're as alternate as this.

A few questions/nitpicks though:
The United Baltic Duchy would not technically be in personal union with Germany, as that would imply that the Kaiser was chosen as their duke. I don't know if this is the case in your TL, but OTL, the Duke of Mecklenburg was chosen to be the duke of the UBD.

Had the German Empire won WW1 OTL, Finland would most likely have become a kingdom under the rule of the Kaisers cousin. I am guessing the monarchist gambit was a complete failure in this timeline since Finland is only kind of pro-German?

Great work, in any case! :D
AnalyticalEngine Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2011
The Kaiser was actually chosen as *Grand Duke* ITTL. This is purely a ceremonial title, though - the federal parliament in Riga deals with the majority of internal matters that affect the UBD as a whole, and foreign relations with the other German allies. The Kaiser comes and waves at crowds and gives out honours when needed - the UBD's Governor General signs most of the bills to put them into law, though a copy is usually sent to the Kaiser for him to look over it before it is enacted.

The member states - the Duchies of Estonia, Livonia and Courland - each have rulers chosen from the minor German states, and their state parliaments deal with the fine detail in regards to their own bit.

Finland (a republic ITTL, by the way) is quite friendly towards Germany, though not quite enough to be a full member of the German-Austrian bloc. However, the Germans do have a (secret) mutual-defence pact with Finland if Russia tries anything, as it were ;)...
Rarayn Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2011
Ah, I see. That all makes sense to me, thank you for clearing up my confusion.
mdc01957 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2011
Intriguing world, come to think of it. And also, Bioshock meets Red Alert! :D
lamnay Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2011
Nice one, interesting world.

I thought Algeria was fully integrated into France in real life?
AnalyticalEngine Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2011
Technically, yes, but ITTL it is a full and, more importantly, *equal* part of the French Fourth Republic.
lamnay Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2011
Ah I see.
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